Learn how LionDesk saved hundreds of person-hours and re-allocated resources to more strategic, value-added tasks by entrusted their real estate data management to Constellation1.

“Trying to map your data feeds yourself is a losing battle. There’s no reason to try to reinvent the wheel.”
— Lee Ling Yang, Director of Product, LionDesk

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In real estate, everything runs on data. Most of this data is gathered and maintained by the patchwork of nearly 600 multiple listing services (MLSs) around the country. As anyone who has tried it will tell you, managing MLS feeds yourself is very, very time-consuming. One of our customers, LionDesk, can attest to this:

“Before Constellation1, I’d spend five business days or more per real estate board just going back and forth, working to map the data and standardize field names, troubleshoot issues, and more. It took an enormous amount of time,” said Lee Ling Yang, Director of Product at LionDesk.

Since MLSs have their own systems and methods for collecting, organizing, and sharing data, it can be hard to know where to start. And that’s without even mentioning compliance rules, which we discuss below, too.

Data management: pain point number 1

These challenges create a pain point for a lot of companies working in the industry. Without the right data, it’s impossible to do business in real estate, but managing data themselves takes literally hundreds of hours a year away from product and business development, customer service, and strategic decision-making. An increasing number of companies are opting to outsource their data feed management to free up internal resources and focus instead on what they do best.

The LionDesk team started looking for a data aggregator with the experience and expertise to meet their growing data needs. David Anderson, LionDesk’s Founder and CEO, decided to go with Constellation1.

Partnership paradigm

For LionDesk, it was important to find the right partnership for outsourcing their data. “We looked at a number of vendors, and we were impressed by the breadth of Constellation1’s different solutions,” David said. “We also knew they weren’t going to suddenly get bought out by another company that we’d have to learn to work with all over again. Plus, the price was just right for what we were looking for.”

The LionDesk team has noticed a marked difference, too.

“Working with such a knowledgeable team has been amazing,” said Lee Ling. “Constellation1 is extremely tech-savvy. No matter what our issue is, we call up the team and they have a solution for us. They know exactly how to manage any issue we’re dealing with.”

Working with an expert like us means a fast return on investment. Every MLS has a unique way of doing things: fields, ranges, data options, and more often differ from one to the next. Cleaning, normalizing, and deduplicating all that data to make it usable is easier said than done. Few companies have the years of experience, number of dedicated employees, and data quality we have at Constellation1. We know how to solve most data feed problems because we’ve seen them before during our 20+ years in the business.

Celebrating success

LionDesk saw the benefit of collaborating with a real estate data expert right away. They began by saving 40+ hours per real estate board to set up the feeds and continued to save even more time on feed maintenance. When you’re a growing tech company like LionDesk, whose CRM platform is used by more than 165,000 real estate, mortgage, and small business professionals, those hours saved add up very quickly.

“Working with Constellation1 has made our own team so much more efficient,” continued Lee Ling. “We don’t have to worry about doing something wrong.”

For the 500+ MLSs we work with at Constellation1, we’ve already done all the back-end work. Our customers can spin up new feeds almost as easily as snapping their fingers. The data is clean, high-quality, and ready to use, and we have custom APIs to make data integration painless and seamless.

By partnering with Constellation1, LionDesk has been able to re-allocate resources that used to spend weeks managing data feeds to higher-value, more meaningful projects. They have more time to focus on their strategic product roadmap and brainstorm ways to make their solutions more useful to their customers.

Eliminating compliance risk

MLS compliance is yet another pain point of trying to manage data in-house. Some data teams rely on search engine results, hoping the requirements they find are accurate and up to date. For many, this poses a serious business risk, as MLS non-compliance can lead to hefty fines and even account suspension. LionDesk doesn’t have to worry about that anymore.

“Knowing that Constellation1 is managing MLS compliance for us is a huge stress reducer, not to mention another time-saver,” continued Lee Ling. “We don’t have to wonder if we are meeting specific compliance requirements. We can count on Constellation1 to do it for us.”

More added value

Outsourcing data management allows LionDesk to focus on their core business and maintain their position as a leader in their space. “At LionDesk, our mission is to go ‘beyond the CRM,’ and Constellation1 helps us do that,” said Marni Hale, Head of Marketing at LionDesk.

For example, LionDesk features a product that helps users to create and post Facebook ads. By integrating Constellation1’s data feeds, the product gives users a seamless experience that allows them to tap into listing data to create targeted ads in just minutes instead of hours. “This has significantly increased user adoption and reduced cost per lead, adding major value to our product and giving us a unique differentiator with our customers,” Marni went on to say.

Don’t reinvent the wheel for your MLS data feeds

Data management is our business. Let us take it off your plate so you can focus on your business.

As Lee Ling put it, “Trying to map your data feeds yourself is a losing battle. There’s no reason to try to reinvent the wheel on your own. You’ll get where you’re going faster and with better results, if you work with a data partner like Constellation1.”

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