Recently, Craig Rowe, staff writer at Inman conducted a product review of the Constellation1 front office and back office solutions. The full article is available here to Inman Select subscribers on If you’re not an Inman Select subscriber, you can download the article here.

Here is a quick recap of Rowe’s real estate technology review of the robust Constellation1 real estate brokerage and office software solutions from accounting to lead management, to website and listing data.

Introduction: Constellation1 is an end-to-end real estate business solution for brokerages, MLSs, and franchises.

Ideal for: Mid-size to large brokerages, franchises, multiple listing services

Top selling points:

      • Back- and front-office integration
      • Consumer-facing search websites
      • Deep national MLS data integration
      • Multiple transaction management options
      • Can be purchased in separate components

Like other whole-office systems, customers will need to be comfortable making sacrifices in its tech stack to integrate the multi-tiered Constellation1. It can be purchased in parts, but doing so opens each component to competition from other stand-alone competitors in the market.

To alleviate confusion in the marketplace, Constellation Real Estate Group brought together its front office, back office and data services offerings for real estate brokerages, franchises and MLSs under the Constellation1 brand.

You can pick and choose the solutions you need from Constellation1, but there are obvious efficiencies and advantages for larger organizations when implementing the full suite of Constellation1 solutions.

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