You Can Stop Struggling to Overcome MLS Data Hurdles

As the market emerges from the disarray of the COVID-19 pandemic, real estate experts are predicting low inventory, high demand, and shifting...

Broker Tips: Supporting Agents During Seller’s Markets

Earlier this year, a mansion in Maryland sold for $1,000,000 over asking, an offer nearly 30% higher than the listing price. Offers like these...
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The New Way to Run Your Back Office – Tips from a Broker

If brokers and agents are anything, it’s adaptable. That’s according to Andy Bencosme, broker/co-owner of Century 21 Village Realty in Sierra...
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Constellation1 Commissions – New tech, new possibilities for brokerages

Technology is advancing every single day, but your brokerage back office is still stuck in the stone age. 
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Getting Out of the Back Office Rut: Tips for 2021 and Beyond

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Tips for Brokerages to Leverage 3 Top Trends and Make Their Markets

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There’s No One Perfect Commission Split – Here’s Why

It’s no secret that the competition for attracting and retaining top agent talent is fiercer than ever, with many brokerages ready to roll out the...
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Top 5 Features of the NEW Constellation1 Commissions

Operating a real estate brokerage is hard work. To help keep everything running smoothly, admins and brokers use countless programs and procedures...
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