15 Tips for Navigating Real Estate Conferences and Getting Your Money’s Worth

There are a lot of real estate industry conferences coming up, and they are a great opportunity for agents, brokers, and the staff at franchises,...

Common Friction Points When Generating Website Leads

Companies spend a ton of money on search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) digital advertising to get people (aka potential leads!)...
1-minute read

Does typing my name count as a legally binding signature?

A lot of people wonder whether typing their name on a screen counts as a legally binding signature. So, is it? We have the answers you’re looking...
2-minute read

Effective nurture campaigns: the key to successfully converting more leads

Real estate runs on buyer and seller leads: sellers to list with your brokerage, and buyers to represent in their quest to find the perfect home. But...
5-minute read

Are Data Challenges Preventing Your PropTech Solution from Scaling?

The long-term outlook for proptech is extremely bright, as up-and-coming disruptors fill niche needs and shake up an unshakably traditional industry....
2-minute read

OFFER: Learn how to boost your tech stack ROI with a free audit 

Let’s be honest: when was the last time you really looked at your brokerage’s technology stack?
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Are data challenges preventing your proptech solution from scaling?

The Fed has raised interest rates four times this year, cooling one of the hottest real estate markets in recent memory. Despite the short-term...
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The top 5 benefits of hyper local real estate listings

One of the most important roles you and your agents play in each real estate transaction you facilitate is being a trusted expert. Clients expect you...
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What are the best tips for successfully nurturing real estate leads?

Whether from your website, social media, or even yard signs, not all the leads you get will be ready to move forward right away.
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Automated Blog Posts Now Available on Agent Websites

We’re excited to share a new option for Constellation1 agent websites as part of our latest front office product release. We’ve added new...
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