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Technology is advancing every single day, but your brokerage back office is still stuck in the stone age. 

Commissions are at the center of ever brokerage: without them, no one gets paid. So why has managing commissions been so cumbersome? The answer is dated software. 

The days of being chained to outdated legacy software that’s putting your business at risk are over. The new Constellation1 Commissions not only embraces emerging technology, it also innovates and advances what’s currently possible. Read on to learn how embracing these advancements can help your brokerage scale and grow from the day you switch, creating limitless opportunities. 



Flexibility is a contemporary consumer value. Consumers are clients, and as a brokerage owner or manager, your client is your Agent. Agents are losing patience with the rigid, inflexible software of the past. That’s creating a demand on the broker/owner to look beyond flexible solutions for website and other front office needs, but also seek back office solutions that will adapt to how brokerages need to do business. 

New technology has given brokerages unparalleled flexibility to tailor their solutions to their own unique processes, not the other way around. You shouldn’t have to revamp your entire workflow to onboard new software, and with the new technology behind the new Constellation1 Commissions, you don’t.  

“In the past, brokerages had to conform their business model to the back office products in the market. Today, with the new Constellation1 Commissions, that has all changed,” said Andy Bencosme, Broker/Co-Owner of Century 21 Village Realty and a Constellation1 Commissions customer. 

The new Constellation1 Commissions is entirely customizable and configurable. Every aspect of a commission split or fee rule can be tailored to your brokerage, as can your permissions, reports, and more.  

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The Cloud 

Brokerages can’t rely on local, on-premise software anymore. Like integration, an inability to sync to the cloud is an operational risk and a money pit, because physical IT infrastructure is expensive to buy and maintain. Your business shouldn’t grind to a halt due to a power outage at your office, and your team should be empowered to work from anywhere in our increasingly flexible workplaces.  

Although ditching legacy software can be scary, moving from your hard drive to the cloud is a smart decision for your business. Working on the cloud allows you, your staff, and your agents to access what they need from anywhere at any time. 

  • Automatic updates and enhancements
    With cloud-based software, your provider can roll out new features, improve existing ones, and fix bugs automatically without you having to do a thing. You simply log out, then log back in, and your software is better than it was before. Your work also continuously syncs with the cloud, ensuring you never lose what you’re doing. 
  • Easy troubleshooting
    In the past, a customer service agent might work with you for hours on the phone trying to diagnose a software issue or even come to visit you to see it in person. Now, customer service teams can log into your app with you for troubleshooting and even training, saving you time and money. 
  • Remote and mobile access
    Modern brokerages aren’t tied to a physical office. As long as you can connect to the internet, you can access cloud-based software from any device anywhere, allowing increased flexibly with fewer constraints.  
  • Lower costs
    SaaS solutions free up your internal IT resources and expenses related to physical IT infrastructure, like servers. 

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Many legacy systems are running on standalone software that isn’t designed to communicate with other programs. In today’s increasingly interconnected world, these outdated back office systems pose an operational risk to your business, holding you back and preventing future growth.  

The newest and perhaps most important tech imperative is integration. Integration means full, unhindered, and in some cases, built-in collaboration. The new Constellation1 Commissions was built to use open APIs, allowing limitless opportunity to connect with the tools you already know and love. 

For example, you may have felt like it was impossible to rely on a solution like QuickBooks®, the world’s most trusted and popular online accounting software, to run your back office accounting. That’s because in the past, QuickBooks® didn’t have the features real estate needed and no one had stepped in to fill the gap. Now, our APIs power two-way data syncs between Constellation1 Commissions and industry-leading tools like QuickBooks®, your TMS, and your MLS.  

These integrations allow you to futureproof your brokerage, control how you run your back office, and build a solid foundation you can customize and build as your needs evolve.  

What Our Customers Think of the Future 

Today, several brokerages are experiencing the possibilities of new back office technology thanks to the new Constellation1 Commissions, and the feedback has been glowing. 

“The product enhances what a brokerage wants to do,” continued Andy Bencosme. “For us, that was to reduce the reliance and costs of physical infrastructure, serve agents remotely, streamline operations, and do so in a way that works for us and our agents. The Constellation1 team hit all the right buttons and took swift action on the product feedback we provided. The overall experience has been tremendous.” 


Are You Ready for New Possibilities? 

The new Constellation1 Commissions is made for today’s brokerage. You get the customizability and computing power you’d expect, plus a sleek intuitive UI, helpful split and transaction wizards, and the most robust reporting capabilities in the industry. Constellation1 is the leader in SaaS solutions for real estate and the perfect partner for your real estate back office needs 

See what the possibilities of new tech can do for you today. 

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