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Constellation1 powers platform that sets Mid-Atlantic MLS apart from the competition

For Andrew Strauch, vice president of Premium Services and Broker Rewards at Bright MLS—a multiple listing service (MLS) serving more than 90,000 real estate professionals in the Mid-Atlantic U.S.—the key to driving value to members is strong partnerships.

Thanks to a 10-year partnership with Constellation1, Strauch and his team have been able to usher in a new era of MLS. They empower both real estate professionals and consumers to get more out of the MLS as the industry continues to undergo exponential change.

An all-in-one brand of award-winning front office, back office and data services for brokerages, franchises and MLSs, Constellation1 simplifies the process of finding and implementing the right real estate technology by providing a portfolio of solutions tailored to the real estate industry.

“When bringing a product to market, it’s necessary to not only have a partner that provides a very strong product suite, but also, a total product solution that works with how we support our customers,” says Strauch.

Strauch notes that Bright MLS ultimately chose Constellation1 as its broker and agent website partner for a number of reasons. The most telling? Strauch says it’s because Constellation1 offers premium products that are not only reliable, they’re also backed by a strong team.

“A lot of vendors offer website CRM and marketing systems. Constellation1 provides us with more than just a website,” he explains. “What makes Constellation1 different is that they not only have strong products, but they are also willing to partner with Bright in a way that works for us. We need something simple, but powerful, that appeals to a large percentage of the agents in our footprint, and Constellation1 has the products that fit that profile.”

While the benefits of working with Constellation1 are numerous, Strauch places the open lines of communication he has with the entire management team at the top of the list.

“We have a very open, honest, proactive and responsive relationship with the management team. If we ever run into any challenges, I know that we can reach out and come up with a solution in a mutually productive and beneficial way in a very short timeframe,” says Strauch, who appreciates the flexible approach the team took when determining how best to go to market together.

“They have a roadmap they are always perfecting, and we have a voice in that roadmap,” says Strauch. “We’re constantly evaluating the products and services they’re releasing to see if it makes sense to add them to the suite of services we offer our agents and brokers.”

Does Strauch have any advice for MLSs that might not be working with Constellation1 yet?

“Keep them in mind if you’re planning on launching a product. They have the infrastructure in place to partner with MLSs to make it happen,” says Strauch. “We’ve been with them for a decade for a reason. Our partnership works well and has gotten us to where we are today.”

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