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At big brokerages, data is everywhere. And decision-makers need up-to-date, reliable, meaningful data to make important calls about their business. This is especially true of commissions data, because commission income makes up the bulk of the revenue at most real estate companies.

For franchises and larger companies that have multiple brokers or work across multiple regions, it has historically been difficult to view franchise- or enterprise-level commissions data without complicated filtering or expensive, customized coding. It has also been difficult to filter that data in meaningful ways to give you insights into your business.

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That is, until now.

Today, enterprise-level insights are increasingly common, and they are extremely useful to inform and facilitate high-level decision making about everything from day-to-day cashflow to long-term strategic planning.

In this article, learn why enterprise-level insights and reporting are so useful for franchises and mega-brokerages and how you can start taking advantage of them today.

Why enterprise-level commissions insights are so important

When you’re a mega-brokerage or franchise, visualizing commissions data at the company level provides a host of benefits:

See the forest for the trees

Making the right decisions is easy when you have the right details, but there’s nothing worse than getting stuck in the weeds. When commissions management solutions force your team to look only at the details and not the high-level, aggregated snapshot, you’re only getting half the story.

Enterprise-level reporting gives you a clear, real-time snapshot of your commissions at any point in time, organized in such a way that if you need to dive deeper, you know exactly where to start.

Uncover unnoticed financial trends at your franchise

Without the ability to view the entirety of your business in one place, some important trends might go unnoticed. Are there brokerages under your umbrella that consistently underperform in the summer or outperform in winter, when industry seasonality would normally predict the opposite? How do different regions, states, or cities compare to each other quarter over quarter, or year over year?

With the right enterprise-level data filters and reporting capabilities, your finance gurus and accountants will be able to paint a picture you’ve never seen before about what’s happening in your business and how to use it to your advantage.

Plan better for the month, quarter, and year ahead

Better data translates into better planning. When you can easily generate an enterprise-level report about how your company did over a given quarter, half-year, or year, you’ll have the insights you need to make better decisions about the next one.

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Spot and reward top performers more easily

Who is really bringing home the bacon? What brokers, teams, or regions consistently have the most deals in the pipeline? With new ways to filter and visualize your performance data, you’ll be able to spot which teams are exceeding expectations, so you can reward them and continue to incentivize good work. Conversely, you can also see who might be having trouble reaching their performance targets and either provide additional support or course correct.

Identify and steward your biggest deals with ease

Did your franchise land the deal of the century? With all of your commissions data in one place, you’ll be able to filter all of your deals by brokerage net from highest to lowest to see which ones merit an extra special touch from the very top. These are relationships your company can’t afford not to cultivate.

Unlock your franchise’s potential with Enterprise Insights

We’re proud to announce the release of a brand-new Commissions feature: Enterprise Insights. This feature provides a whole new level of business intelligence for companies and franchises with multiple brokers.

Thanks to Enterprise Insights, company administrators, C-suite leaders, and finance teams now have access to a high-level view of commissions activities across their entire business. Filter commissions data by state, region, broker, or other customized criteria and run preset or custom reports to keep a closer eye on your finances.

This feature is now available for all existing and new Constellation1 Commissions customers.

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