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Are you on YouTube, the internet’s second biggest search engine? Maybe you should be!

Key benefits of integrating YouTube

Home buying goes digital

Back in 2012, the National Association of Realtors reported that 9 out of 10 people used the internet at some point when buying a home. Today, it’s safe to say that nearly everyone is looking for homes online. When someone in your market searches “homes for sale in…,” you want them to land on your website, not someone else’s.

The first stop for most people searching for properties is a search engine. Search engines use complex algorithms to determine what online content is relevant, whom it should be shown to, and how. In addition to being complex, these algorithms are a closely guarded secret and are evolving all the time. Creating content to convince algorithms to rank your page higher is a process known as search engine optimization, or SEO.

The secret to better SEO

SEO experts agree that video is one of the easiest ways to improve your SEO and search engine ranking. Videos get users to dwell on your page longer, increasing important ranking metrics. YouTube alone has over a billion users, nearly 30% of all internet users around the world, and logs three billion searches per month, making it the second-most searched site after Google. By attracting even a tiny sliver of those viewers and searches, you will boost traffic to your website and listings. For real estate professionals, that means more (and better) leads, more sales, and more revenue.

There’s one problem: creating professional quality video content is time-consuming and expensive. Plus, your agents are already working hard to find listings, drum up leads, and close dealsnot to mention market themselves in other ways online. Asking them to add yet another task to their already busy schedule will make it a hard sell. What if there were a way to automate video creation and posting so agents didn’t have to think about it?

Paradym Marketing Suite

With the Paradym Marketing Suite, video marketing doesn’t have to add to your agents’ workloads. With our tool, you really can set it and forget it, and eye-catching videos start posting all by themselves. Let us tell you how it works.

Agents already do a lot to secure a listing. They meet with sellers, write impeccable property descriptions, take jaw-dropping photos, and increasingly use their smartphones to take videos, which they enter into their MLS. Once a listing goes live, they typically don’t have time to splice together a video, add a voiceover and soundtrack, and upload it to YouTube. Most brokerages don’t have a video editor who can do this work for them, either, except maybe for the most valuable luxury listings.

This is where Paradym comes in. Our tool takes everything the agent added to the MLS and creates a professional quality video with transitions, voiceover, soundtrack, custom branding, and more, then posts it wherever you choose, including your company YouTube channel, agents’ individual YouTube channels, social media, and even a customized property site. The video description features key information from the MLS plus a comprehensive list of backlinks to social media profiles, agent and company websites, and more.

What does this mean for you and your brand? The combination of quality video content and backlinks means search engine algorithms will know you have an active online presence and lots of valuable content, boosting your search engine ranking.

Results you can count on

When searching for listings by property address in a market where agents are using this feature, Paradym YouTube videos tend to pop up between positions 7 and 12 on Google (the bottom half of the first page). Not only that, Paradym Marketing Suite users usually see a 5- to 7-position jump in organic Google rankings after they start posting YouTube videos with Paradym. This means more clicks, more views, more leads, and more sales.

A win–win for your brokerage

Better rankings mean happier agents and higher commission revenue, helping build your reputation in your market. Better yet, offering the very best tools helps you hire and retain the very best agents to help you grow even more.

To get started with Paradym and begin building your brand with YouTube video SEO, get in touch with us today.


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