Don’t put all of your lead eggs in one basket. Learn how to leverage a two-track lead strategy to get leads in your sleep using tools you might already haveand new ones you should try. 

Lead generation is a coordinated symphony. 
Homebuyers and sellers don’t just pop out of thin air, and they don’t usually come from a single source. Some brokerages make the mistake of putting all their eggs into one lead gen basket, only to find it doesn’t produce enough leads to sustain their business. Brokerages need a well-rounded, holistic approach to lead generationOur foolproof, two-pronged approach includes two major lead categories, leads from listings and leads from agents. Read on to learn how new tools can help you leverage these categories in different but complementary ways, bringing in leads while you sleep. 

Lead gen from real estate listing websites 

You might think your brokerage’s leads speak for themselves, but are you harnessing the power of the internet to make sure you get every single one? Unique, customized listing websites are an easy way to get your listings at the top of the search results in your market and make sure every potential buyer contacts you directly, and not someone else. 

Tell a listing story with customized property sites 

With a tool like Paradym by Constellation1agents can automatically create beautiful, customized property sites for each and every listing. These sites are packed with features that encourage leads to interact with listings and get in touch in a variety of different ways. We’d be willing to bet your team isn’t currently harnessing the power of all these listing-driven lead gen tactics: 

  • Live Chat: every customized property site has a widget that proactively invites visitors to start a live conversation with you. With Live Chat, agents can respond to messages instantly using their regular text message app without downloading anything new. Live Chat captures all the information agents need to keep in touch. 
  • Schedule a Showing: leads can visit a calendar to set up a time to see the listing. 
  • Get Driving Directions: leads can easily get turn-by-turn directions to the listing so that they can drive by, soak up the curb appeal, and check out the neighborhood before getting in touch. 
  • Request Local School Information: prospective buyers with children can request a dynamic report about district and school information. 
  • Mortgage Calculator: buyers can estimate exactly how much they might expect to pay based on their preapproval criteria. 
  • Share the Listing: most home purchase decisions are not made by one person. We’ve made it easy for potential clients to share listings with family and friends via email or text in just a few clicks. 
  • Message Me: curious buyers who don’t want to chat right away can easily send you a message with any questions they have. 
  • Search My Listings: leads can search all your available listings thanks to Paradym’s responsive Listing Showcase. 

Leverage the power of video 

Video is the most searchable content online. Paradym automatically turns each of your listings into an eye-catching video and uploads it to YouTube. Thanks to tried-and-true search engine optimization strategiesyour YouTube videos will generally show up in top search results for the property address. Each video linkback to your website, listing page, social media, and property site (with all the lead generators listed above to help you get the lead!). 

Capture street traffic 

More than 70% of consumers will drive by a property they’ve found onlineand potential sellers are likely to list with agents who are active in their neighborhoodsOnce a buyer has seen a house in person, they typically decide if they’re ready to start a conversation with an agent. If they are, you want the lead! Paradym has twopowerful lead generators to engage buyers who are at the property and get them to contact you online: 

  • 24-hour information line: buyers can call to hear a prerecorded description of the property. The moment the call connects, their name and phone number are sent to the agent in real time.  
  • Text codes: potential buyers can text a unique code listed in your yard sign for additional information about the property and a link to the property site. 

Do your listings justice with well-designed flyers 

Paradym creates flyers ready to be delivered to your target markets, either in print or digitallyFlyers contain agent contact information and a QR code they can scan with their phone to connect to the property site. Brokerages can choose from a variety of ready-made templates or work with our designers to customize their own beautifully branded flyers. 


Share your listings via email 

Paradym’s attractive email templates are a great way to share listings with your database of potential buyers, other agents, and your network. You can also send emails to encourage sellers to post their property sites to their own social media pages, leveraging their networks as well. 

Customized scannable QR codes 

Paradym allows you to create scannable QR codes for your listings and Property Showcase that you can use anywhere, both in print and online, so potential buyers have instant access to essential listing information and calls to action. 

Agent-driven lead gen 

Agents themselves are a brokerage’s most powerful lead-gen tool, but 90% of agents don’t market themselves consistently or effectively. This is especially true on social media. With the right tools, you can make sure 100% of your agents are using their networks to get leads from their spheres of influence. 

Sharing Property Sites on social media 

A great way for agents to show their sphere that they’re active and successful is to post their listings on social media. Paradym automatically posts new and current listings on agents’ behalf, so they never forget to post or market online. Listings continue to post for as long as they’re active. 

Help agents share helpful and entertaining content 

Paradym’s expert team of content writers and curators has developed an ever-growing database of over 40,000 real estate-related articles. Each agent in your office will receive different content delivered directly to their social profiles. Whenever a potential client clicks to read an article, they will find it branded for both your brokerage and the agent, with two calls to action: either “Find My Dream Home” for potential buyers and “Free Home Evaluation” for potential sellers. 

Stop the scroll with beautiful photos 

Paradym’s social experts create custom, high-quality photos and videos that stop the scroll, add variety, and let you put your best foot forwardThe accompanying posts include real estate tips, advice, and even motivational quotes that create positive impression of your brand. 

Celebrate with your followers 

Take advantage of higher social media traffic during holidays by sharing festive messages and heartwarming visuals with your entire audience. 

The right lead-gen tools for success 

A comprehensive online and offline marketing strategy that generates leads from many sources is the best way to keep your real estate business healthy and thriving. 

Make your listings work double-time to bring in leads while you sleep and help your agents market more effectively to their spheres. 

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