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More than a decade ago, Real Estate One had the opportunity to upgrade its tech and onboard a single brokerage-wide management platform with a powerful combination of front and back office features. Thanks in part to the competitive advantage and synergies from this platform, Real Estate One has become the #1 independent brokerage in Michigan—with unbeatable brand recognition, culture, and technology. Read on to learn more.

“Our service really couldn’t be any better.
I don’t have a single complaint.
It’s been a great experience.”
Jodi Dines, Chief Information Officer, EVP for Real Estate One

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Investing in the future

In 2009, one of Real Estate One’s previous providers was bought out, and it lost support for its websites practically overnight. Having to change enterprise tools on such short notice is every broker’s worst nightmare. But the best brokers turn challenges into opportunities, and Real Estate One already had 80 years of experience and a tech-forward mindset that allowed it to approach technology differently.

Real Estate One had a novel idea: what if it found a completely integrated brokerage management solution, with a single database for all core data, and integrations across platforms? Such solutions were rare at the time, but there’s nothing like the need to change to drive innovation.

After a very speedy but thorough procurement and due diligence process, Real Estate One settled on Broker Hub, Constellation1’s all-in-one brokerage management solution previously known as Virtual Properties. The team managed to go live on time without having to take the brokerage offline. Less disruption, less business impact.

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The Advantages of a Single Integrated Platform

Broker Hub lets you do things other platforms don’t:

Completely integrated

White-label Built for you

5-star support

Everything is connected, providing significant efficiencies and linking previously separate workflows and databases Everything can be customized and branded, down to the smallest details, to help your brokerage stand out The solution is tailored to each brokerage from the ground up, conforming to your business and workflows The solution was designed to grow and evolve, with regular rollouts, special features based your specific requests

Thanks to these advantages, Real Estate One is gaining thousands of hours of efficiencies per year across its family of companies, 75 offices, and 2,000+ agents.

Want to know exactly how much Real Estate One’s 

efficiencies are worth?

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Supporting REO’s Growth

Real Estate One has been relying on Broker Hub for 15 years, through different market cycles, times of uncertainty, and periods of sustainable growth. In that time, Broker Hub has grown and evolved, too, with new integrations, new features, and regular software updates, all provided with unrivaled customer service.

“The people on the Constellation1 team
have made our experience that much better.”

Jodi Dines, Chief Information Officer, EVP for Real Estate One


Explore the possibilities of an integrated management platform for your brokerage

Every brokerage is different, and that difference is what gives you your edge. Don’t sacrifice it just to be able to use a particular tool: harness it to build a long-term competitive advantage with a tool built especially for you. 

Read how Real Estate One did it in our customer story.

If you’re ready to learn more about integrating your workflows and setting your own brokerage apart, get in touch with our Broker Hub team today.

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