Inman Connect, Inman’s massively popular biannual real estate industry event, may have been forced online this year, but that hasn’t stopped hundreds of professionals from every corner of the industry from getting together, connecting, and learning online instead of in person. After a hugely popular series of webinars in June, Inman added another series of ongoing Fall events on September 15th, October 20th, November 12th, and December 17th.

On September 15th, Doug Fisher, our VP of Sales, presented during a breakout session on how to remove the friction between your CRM and agent lead response times. The way that prospective homebuyers are using the internet today means that they are expecting two things: speed and customer experience. They have gotten used to instantaneous communication and ads so personalized it’s almost like their minds are being read.

Most CRMs are not built for this kind of interaction. Traditional CRMs are built for later. There may be several manual steps between the moment when a lead submits a form and an agent receives their contact information, creating friction rather than a smooth and efficient connection. Given that a lead is ten times more likely to convert if they receive a response within five minutes, according to Gartner, having the right CRM can make a huge impact when it comes to capturing and converting leads and improving agent performance—all of which are essential for your business. If you’re unable to get in touch fast, your lead will either lose interest or go with a competitor with a better response time.

Watch the recording now:

Inman Connect Now Webinar - How to Remove the Friction Between Your CRM & Agent Lead Response Time

The key to removing this friction is putting leads and agents in touch faster and starting a conversation. That’s exactly what the Constellation1 CRM Mobile App does.

Following the session, all attendees had access to download a copy of the guide on how to assess your specific CRM mobile app needs, including 21 questions to frame your own CRM conversation. Get your copy:

Download the CRM Guide

And if you’re ready to schedule your personal tour of the Constellation1 CRM Mobile App, get in touch with one of our dedicated team members today.Book a Constellation1 Personal Tour