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The way we do business has never changed faster or more urgently than during the past few months. With city- and state-wide restrictions on non-essential business, gatherings, and more, every industry has been forced to adapt with lightning speed—including real estate. Many of us have been working from home these past few months and may continue to for the foreseeable future. The remote work trend is growing, and businesses will have to keep up. Are you ready? Is your business ready?

At Constellation1, our solutions make it easy for you, your entire office, and even your entire franchise to work from anywhere, be it at home, the kitchen of your newest listing, or a coffee shop after meeting with a potential new client. Wherever you have internet, you can have access to the most powerful suite of front and back office tools available that can be customized to your needs. In this Work from Anywhere series, we will be showcasing how our tools make working remotely easy and how you can use them to power your business.

The advent of smartphones and faster mobile connectivity have been changing how we do business for some time, but the COVID-19 pandemic kicked these changes into overdrive. Suddenly, everyone had to find a way to work remotely. In real estate, from one day to the next, working in the office was no longer allowed, you couldn’t meet anyone in person, open houses had to be indefinitely cancelled, and paper signatures became next to impossible to get. Constellation1 offers modular solutions that allow you to work in full remote mode from anywhere with an internet connection. Let us introduce you to our main Work from Anywhere solutions:

Constellation1 Front Office Solutions
Constellation1 Back Office Solutions

The Industry’s Best Website Builder

·       Mobile-first design allows you to create and update an optimized, customized mobile site with top-notch SEO

·       CMS Pro editor allows anyone with the necessary permissions to make changes from anywhere, even using your smartphone

·       Powerful remote-work-friendly features like virtual or video tours means buyers can “visit” from a safe distance, or at their convenience


Integrated Mobile CRM App

·       Gamifies lead management so that your team never misses a lead, no matter where they are

·       Send leads via push notifications so agents can accept quickly and take action

·       Customized lead processing workflow from the palm of your hand

Powerful application suite

·       Streamline commission payments, accounting, transaction management, and document management at every step, from any computer

·       Automate common and time-consuming tasks, leaving more time for essential business

·       Integrate with your current brokerage technology



·       Sign documents electronically on any mobile device

·       Trustworthy, state-of-the-art security

·       Get signatures from multiple parties on multiple documents in a fraction of the time of wet signatures

The future isn’t filing cabinets and fax machines. It’s mobile phones and working from home. Our technology is tailored to the future, and we are constantly innovating to make our products even better.

If you haven’t thought about your own digital transition, or if you’re ready to take the next step, Constellation1 can help. Book your personal tour of Constellation1. We’d be delighted to show you what we can do for your business.

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