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Even with real estate listings selling like hot cakes, marketing your brokerage and your agents is more important than ever before. Broker-owners are increasingly turning to done-for-you solutions to help their teams project consistent brands online—and are reaping huge benefits.

During the last week of May, Kim Koraca, Vice President of Marketing at Constellation1, joined David Caveness, President of Carpenter Realtors, to discuss done-for-you tools for broker-owners at Inman Connect Now, the popular digital event series where real estate professionals have the opportunity to network, learn, and grow.

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You can’t neglect your marketing

Agents are busier than ever in this market, especially if they’re representing buyers: they’re writing five, six, or even more offers before one gets accepted, which represents an enormous amount of work. Sellers agents are busy too, preparing for and sifting through the mountain of offers for every property. That means that even the most conscientious and motivated agents don’t have time to market themselves, and those who do might not have the technological savvy to do it properly.

But busy or not, marketing and branding are top priorities that can’t be ignored. To market effectively, broker-owners are increasingly taking the lead and implementing done-for-you marketing solutions for their teams. As David Caveness said, “You call these tools done for you, I call them set and forget, both for our agents and our marketing team.” He knows they’re working because he never has to think about them. Let’s take a closer look at what he means.

Social media marketing done right

Carpenter Realtors has a team of 670 agents at 33 offices across Indiana. Even with such a large team, it only has one full-time marketing director. How can one person handle the marketing for so many others? By leveraging marketing solutions that deliver on their promises.

The key to marketing is consistency. Keep your brand consistent and top of mind, and your leads will come to you. But when agents are busy, consistency is a challenge. So, Carpenter started using Reach Social by Constellation1 as an agent benefit to centralize and manage all of their social publishing. Today, the tool boasts a 74% agent adoption rate, which is remarkably high and rivaled only by Carpenter’s mandatory transaction management platform. Now the brokerage handles all top-of-funnel activities on its agents’ behalf, so they can focus on adding value and closing deals at the bottom of the funnel instead.

Thanks to hard work, a talent for sales, and social marketing tools like Paradym by Constellation1, some of Carpenter’s individual agents are selling up to $20 million a year in a market where the average listing price is $220,000 (that’s two homes per week).

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Marketing is more important than ever

“Marketing is more important today in 2021 than ever before in my 50 years in this business,” David observed. As he drives around Indianapolis, Indiana, he doesn’t notice as many yard signs anymore. Houses are selling so quickly that, when there is a sign, it’s only up for a couple of weeks. This leaves a major void, and one that brokerages need to fill to get their brand out there. With a tool like Reach Social, all 450+ agents who use it get unique, branded content automatically pushed to their social channels to make sure the Carpenter name really stands out.

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“If a broker isn’t pushing their brand out there consistently,” David went on, “then they’re losing out. People will forget you if they don’t see your brand on a regular basis.” And if they forget you, they’re going to list with someone else.

Relying on the right partners

It’s important to take care of your brand, no matter what the market is doing. Having the right partners makes it a lot easier. “Some people call them vendors, but at Carpenter, we call them partners,” David said. “Constellation1 has been a valued partner in our marketing campaigns for the past 12 years, and it all comes back to set it and forget it.”

Today, more than ever, prospective buyers and sellers need to see your brand so that you’re top of mind when they’re ready to make a move.

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