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How would your brokerage tech work if you could really do things your way?

* Originally published on Inman.com

As a broker/owner, have you ever considered how you would do things if you could truly run your back office your way?

For decades, all-in-one back office software has been considered the gold standard by many in the industry. But how many of you are frustrated with your back office tech? We hear it all the time: broker/owners feel they’re being held back by these products, which lack the necessary features and customer support to succeed in the modern real estate landscape.

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, so why settle for stagnant back office tech that puts your brokerage at risk? Read on to learn about the top five features your back office tools need to do things your way and prepare your team for the future.

1. Flexibility

For real estate, the word on everyone’s minds is flexibility. All-in-one solutions are notoriously inflexible: they allow for a certain number of workflows with little variation. They’re housed on servers and can’t be accessed remotely, tying your team to an office. In contrast, the solutions of tomorrow have the flexibility to let you work where and when you want, not just when it works for them.

2. Customizability

One size does not fit all: your brokerage is unique, so why should your back offices be the same as everyone else’s? When you can tailor your solution to your business processes, everyone can work more efficiently. Customizability is the next big feature brokerages need, and customizing even the smallest detail can have big benefits. Imagine how much faster (and better) your back office could work if it actually aligned with your process. When solutions are customizable, it does.


3. Usability

Your new back office needs an intuitive UI that effortlessly guides users, not one that requires you to learn a new language or call tech support every five minutes. When onboarding a new solution, wouldn’t it be great to train your entire team in just hours, not weeks? With solutions designed with users in mind, that’s now possible.

4. Integrability

We all know there’s no single tool that can do everything exactly how you want. So why not be able to pick the solutions that work well for you, then tie them together in a way that allows for seamless, two-way communication and data syncs? This reduces the likelihood of error and makes your team more efficient. Integrable solutions allow broker/owners to take advantage of the best tools of the industry—without having to compromise.

5. Scalability

Most brokerages hope to be able to grow, but so many of them make back office decisions that only focus on the short term. What if your tools today could also help you scale your business tomorrow? With scalable back office solutions, you can work with the peace of mind knowing your current tools are adapted for change and will be able to grow with you and help you meet your goals.

The new way to run your back office

The new Constellation1 Commissions isn’t just made for today’s brokerage, it’s made for the brokerage of the future, too. You get the customizability you expect, seamless integrations with the most powerful products on the market, a sleek intuitive UI, and the most robust reporting capabilities in the industry. Constellation1 is the leader in SaaS solutions for real estate and the perfect partner for your back office needs.

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