Electronic signatures have become an essential workplace tool. eSignatures make it easier to work remotely and help businesses be more resilient and productive during times of change. In our increasingly mobile and virtual world, you have to offer your employees and customers the option to sign documents electronically. Our Constellation1 eSign solution’s unbeatable features make it easier than ever to collect ironclad digital signatures for all your documents. Best of all, it’s free to try! Read on to learn about five key benefits of eSignatures:

  1. Easy to use

Our simple, intuitive, and newly updated interface makes Constellation1 eSign incredibly easy to use. Your team can add it to their workflow quickly and easily with minimal training and zero disruption. Easily brand your interface to present a consistent image to your employees and customers for all documents on all devices.

  1. Save time

With paper signature workflows, it can take days or even weeks for all parties to sign a document. With Constellation1 eSign, signers receive an email instantly that prompts them to sign on their computer or mobile device. Documents are typically signed in minutes, not hours, allowing you to save time and speed up your workflows significantly. By making digital document handling even easier, our signature solution is the perfect complement to a document management system like Constellation1 Documents.

  1. Save money

When you no longer have to print duplicates and triplicates of all your documents, you’ll save on fixed costs like paper and toner. Time is money, and eSignatures free up your admins and transaction coordinators for more productive tasks. Plus, our solution costs a fraction of what our competitors charge.

  1. Increase satisfaction

Easier workflows and faster turnarounds mean happier employees and customers. Electronic signatures have been shown to positively affect both employee and customer satisfaction, which have monetary benefits tied to retention, referrals, and more.

  1. Safe and secure

Constellation1 eSign meets all industry security standards, ensuring that your data and documents are safe and secure. Easily enable two-factor authentication to prove your signers’ identities and ensure every single signature has the same legal validity as a wet signature. Constellation1 eSign allows you to gather signatures with complete confidence.


We are so sure that you’ll love our solution that we offer a free trial so you can try it for yourself. If you’re ready to see how easy it is to add digital signatures to your process or would like more information, schedule a demo today.

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