November 16, 2020 2 minute read

Welcome to the fourth installment of our Work from Anywhere series, where we talk about how Constellation1 is helping you stay productive no matter where you are!

This year has thrown technological upgrades into overdrive to allow us to work from home, do business remotely, and stay connected with our colleagues and customers—while at a safe distance, of course.

Real estate is a document-heavy industry. From listing flyers and inspection reports to various agreements, addendums, and final closing documents, buying and selling property means piles of paperwork, prompting many brokerages to transition to document management solutions. Many of these documents also require signatures, often by multiple parties, but new realities like physical distancing make it difficult to sign documents in person, especially when multiple signatures are required from multiple signers.

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An increasingly popular solution is electronic signatures. In 2000, the federal government passed the ESIGN, or Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, which provides a national framework for legally accepting electronic signatures in the United States. ESignatures are a secure, reliable, and easy way to gather signatures on all your documents, no matter where you or your signers are. Here at Constellation1, we have our own eSign solution that is optimized for real estate but can be tailored to any industry, saving you precious time and helping you and your team work from absolutely anywhere.

We recently released a brand-new version of eSign that offers even more powerful features. Let us tell you more about the advantages of this versatile web-based tool.

Simple, safe, and secure

Our revamped eSignature solution features a simple and intuitive user interface and signing session wizard that make it easier than ever to upload your documents, set your signature fields, send your documents to signers, and gather signatures.

eSign features both two-factor and knowledge-based authentication so you can verify your signer’s identity every time they sign. Our system keeps a comprehensive auditable log of timestamps, IP addresses, and more to ensure that signatures are legally binding and nonrepudiable.

eSign is compliant with both ESIGN and UETA legislation and has industry-leading digital and physical security that follows the strictest of protocols.

Unmatched convenience

eSign makes it easy for you to send documents to any browser or mobile device for both remote and in-person signing. Give your parties the option to sign when and how it’s convenient for them with just a few clicks or taps.

Having a problem? We have a dedicated team of eSign account managers and a responsive customer service team to handle and resolve issues.


Constellation1 can fully customize your signature workflows and branding to give your clients a smooth and seamless signing experience.


eSign’s improved interface allows users to start using the application with minimal training and makes signing easy and intuitive.

Enterprise-grade API integration

eSign is a part of Constellation1’s full back office suite, but our industry-leading API integrations mean we can pair it perfectly with your current brokerage technology, even if you don’t use our other solutions yet. Are you in a completely different industry? We can integrate eSign with your current software, too.


Ensuring you have the best tools at your disposal doesn’t have to be expensive. Constellation1 eSign offers a variety of flexible and competitive pricing options you can scale to meet your needs.


Even after we go back to our offices and things start to return to normal, eSignatures are here to stay. This past year has led to more changes than we could have ever imagined, but we are always a step ahead at Constellation1! If you’re ready to add electronic signatures to your workflow, get in touch with us today.

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