Happy Fall! Constellation1 is excited to announce our most recent September product release, which we launched to Production on September 15. We have some great new features this month, which include NeverBounce integration to improve your email campaigns, a brand-new Market Trends report, and an enhanced automated valuation model (AVM). We’re also excited to announce the upcoming launch of an agent Performance dashboard our CRM customers will love. Read on to learn how all these features work.

  1. NeverBounce validation for better email communications

Email is an essential real estate communications and marketing tool, so we have integrated NeverBounce into our send process to ensure your emails are always delivered to valid addresses. 

NeverBounce is an independent email verification and validation platform designed to protect the sender reputation of our CRM platform. This added protection will mitigate the risk of accidentally sending messages to spam traps, which can flag our servers as spam senders and cause emails to be blocked, undelivered, or sent directly to spam.

We will now query NeverBounce for every email to make sure all recipient addresses are safe and valid. If they aren’t, the CRM will not send an email to those addresses.

  1. The Market Trends report is here!

In last month’s honorable mentions, we introduced you to the new Market Trends report, which you can feature on your website. We are very excited to announce that the Market Trends report is now live and ready for prime time! This report is another tool in your toolkit to generate leads and add value to your website.MarketTrend Report

The new Market Trends report features:

  • The latest market data
  • Historical market data going back 2 years
  • Subscription-based lead capture: consumers can subscribe to a customized report
  • Auto-emailed reports every 30, 60 or 90 days
  • Dynamic data in a responsive design
  • Unique report URLs for easy sharing

Making Market Trends reports available on your website is an effective way to help your clients and leads stay up to date on the latest market trends and conditions. The report provides top-tier information that serves as a valuable resource for driving traffic and generating buyer and seller leads. You can even customize certain aspects of the report to make sure it fits your brand.

Get a preview on our showcase website here and talk to your account manager today about adding this new report to your website.


  1. An enhanced AVM for better property valuations

We have revamped our AVM to include additional data sources and public records. This update fundamentally improves how our AVM works and will help drive more seller leads to Constellation1 websites. You can now select up to five data sources to provide more robust valuations and meet your clients’ expectations.

Our new AVM features include:

  • Multiple valuations for increased accuracy
  • Calls to action to prompt users to contact an agent for a personalized professional valuation
  • Automatic integration of public records and tax data
  • Local comps of similar recently sold properties
  • An SEO-friendly web-based report to keep your rankings high and ensure easy viewing

This enhanced AVM will be available on a monthly subscription basis. For more information, talk to your account manager, who will get the ball rolling on design and configuration.

  1. Coming soon: new Performance dashboard

The key to lead conversion is speed. The faster agents follow up with leads, the likelier they are to convert. In fact, if prospects receive a follow up within one minute, they are 391% likelier to convert. Our new Performance dashboard will draw on data generated by our Constellation1 CRM mobile app and give you an overview of your agents’ follow-up response times.

When you assign a lead using the mobile app, we track valuable follow-up metrics, including:

  • Time agents take to accept a lead
  • How long before agents make initial contact
  • Number of clients, sorted by buyer or seller
  • Appointments set with buyers or sellers

The Performance dashboard will provide an overview of how well your agents are doing with lead follow-up and help you quickly identify agents who are doing a great job with follow up as well as those that might need additional training.

PerformanceDashboard2Performance Dashboard

The Performance dashboard not only gives you a top-level view, it also allows you to dive into the details. Best of all, it integrates the gamification features of the mobile app to rank the top-performing agents and incentivize lead follow-up.

At Constellation1, we believe in the importance of making data available to you to guide your decision making. With the Performance dashboard, you will have valuable metrics on agent performance and lead follow-up to make sure everyone on your team is getting the recognition they deserve or the extra support they need. All companies using the Constellation1 CRM mobile app will have access to this feature.


Thanks for reading about our September honorable mentions! Check back next month for our honorable mentions for October, and if you missed last month’s post, you can read it here.