In a previous post, we dived into some of the features of our CRM mobile app, the useful data it provides your agents, and how it helps them follow up with leads quickly. In this post, we dive deeper into our CRM features to give you a glimpse of what it can do for lead admins.

At Constellation1, we are data experts. We truly believe in the power of data to guide decision making, both for ourselves and for our customers. To that end, we’ve integrated powerful reporting tools into our CRM so that you can visualize the data you collect and use it to make better business decisions. Below are five of the most popular CRM reports and how you can use them.

Download the Top 5 CRM Reports

1. Agent Activity Report – Check in on your team

Being a manager is hard work, especially when your team members are managing so many moving parts of their own. With the Agent Activity Report, you can check in on your agents, by office and by name, to see how many leads they’ve accepted or rejected, how many leads are in their pipeline, how frequently they log in and for how long, and look at a variety of marketing activities like CMAs, flyers, and more. With the Agent Activity Report, you’ll have better visibility into who’s excelling and who might need a little more help.

2. Agent Lead Activity Report – Check in on your team’s leads

When you have leads coming from a variety of sources, it’s important to know what those sources are and how quickly those leads are actioned. The Agent Lead Activity Report sorts lead activity by agent, allowing you to see who is accepting leads and get detailed information about how quickly they are following up with those leads. We know the faster leads receive a follow-up, the more likely they are to convert, making speed a key element. With this report, you can identify which agents need help actioning leads faster so you can develop an action plan for them and recognize agents that are doing a great job.

3. Lead Activity Report – Get a lead snapshot

Understanding who a lead is and what their needs are is crucial for providing strong, value-added service. With the Lead Activity Report, see all leads in one place and get an idea of what they need: where they currently live, the number and price range of the properties they have viewed and saved, how engaged they are with your listings, and how frequently they visit your website. Make sure your agents are following up with the most engaged leads quickly and that every engaged lead has someone taking care of them.

4. Lead Assignment Report – See where leads are assigned

With the Lead Assignment Report, you get a comprehensive view of when leads are captured, the type of lead (buyer/seller), and which agents the leads are assigned to. Combined with the other lead reports, this report provides a truly comprehensive view of which agents are handling the most leads.

5. Lead Information Report – Make sure your agents have the information they need before they follow up

The Lead Information Report provides key information to make sure your agents are meeting lead expectations. Are they unavailable to take calls during the day? Agents can check when their leads have indicated is the best time to contact them. Would they prefer an email to a call? Agents can check the report. If the lead has provided a preference, this report will have it. This ensures that your agents are providing services that exceed lead expectations. The Lead Information Report also shows lead source, so you can monitor the best referral sources, and any important notes entered about your leads.

With the right information at your fingertips, you can make the right decisions for your business. Our CRM gives you and your agents the data needed to ensure your team is working like a well-oiled machine.

Download the Top 5 CRM Reports

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