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Welcome back to this second installment of our Work from Anywhere series, where we talk about the future of work and how Constellation1 is helping to make it more efficient. We are continuously innovating and enhancing our technology to make our products even better for your business. As brick-and-mortar offices make way to flexible remote work and cloud-based collaboration, the technology you use has to keep up. In this post, we’ll focus on one of our solutions that is helping our customers stay ahead of the game: our powerful CRM mobile app.

Response-o-meterMany real estate brokerages are contending with outdated, clunky, and obsolete customer relationship management (CRM) applications. The technology behind CRMs has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, and some of the competition has had trouble keeping up. Worse yet, some old-school brokerages are barely harnessing the power that CRMs offer for tracking and converting leads. Not only is our CRM built especially for real estate, it has an innovative, integrated mobile app with a gamified lead follow-up workflow that you customize for

 maximum conversion. Our app also provides a ton of useful data to make sure your agents are following up with leads on time, every time. Let us show you what we mean.

The key to lead conversion is speed, and this couldn’t be truer for real estate. According to two recent studies from Velocify® by Ellie Mae®, prospects that receive a follow up (in their case, a call) within one minute of the initial inquiry are 391% more likely to convert than leads that are called any time after that. That is a staggering number! A real estate CRM falls short if it doesn’t help your agents follow up fast, no matter where they are. One of our app’s best features that does just that is our gamified lead follow-up workflow.

When a lead comes in, it is routed based on the specific rules you’ve set. The right leads are forwarded to the right agents, who instantly receive a push notification on their phones. They act quickly to accept or decline the lead, and once they do, the clock starts ticking—literally. As the seconds count up, they receive information about where the lead came from, what listing (if any) generated the lead, and the lead’s contact information. They have minutes to follow up and record how the interaction went. Agents are scored based on how quickly they respond, so you can track how your agents are performing and encourage some friendly competition. This gamification encourages agent engagement, which in turn helps convert more leads.

Using the Constellation1 CRM mobile app means that your agents never miss a lead, no matter where they are. Our gamified workflow makes it easy for agents to call leads fast, significantly increasing conversion rates. And agents can track everything right from their app, which in turn syncs seamlessly with the other instances of the CRM, generating powerful data on which agents are converting the most leads and where your best leads are coming from.

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