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Data management is a challenge for everyone, including MLSs that provide data, data experts that bring data feeds together, and end users, be they brokerages, proptech companies, or something else entirely. Real estate runs on data, so everyone in the data chain is interested in streamlining and improving it over time.

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At Constellation1, we have been building a center of excellence for real estate data over the past two decades. We understand managing multiple MLS feeds can be challenging, and we’ve advised hundreds of companies on the benefits of outsourcing MLS data management. We’re committed to continuous improvement and listening to both our customers and the industry at large to learn what their challenges are and how we can solve them.

This commitment is what led us to implement webhooks for our data services customers, and you can learn more about how webhooks are revolutionizing MLS data here.

We’re not the only ones interested in making data delivery better! Our Vice President of R&D, Data Services, long-time RESO contributor, and data services expert, Rick Herrera, is the resident host of the always spirited Pain Points sessions at RESO conferences and recently hosted at the RESO 2022 fall conference. The Real Estate Standards Organization is committed to improving data delivery across the industry, and the session was a great opportunity for the best and brightest involved in every step of the data process to share the challenges they face, so we can find solutions together.

Rewatch the MLS Data Pain Points Session at RESO 2022


The biggest challenges for real estate data right now

The work of addressing the industry’s data difficulties is never done. Some of the top issues that were shared at this last session include:

  • How difficult it is for MLSs to vet vendors and know that they will be good stewards of their data, and brainstorming ways to streamline this process so IDX feeds can be shared faster with parties who have a legitimate interest in accessing them
  • The ongoing challenges posed by customized fields and how to deal with them as an industry
  • Best practices and guidelines for MLS compliance, which is a huge topic in and of itself
  • And so much more! Check out the video above.

Trusted experts to help solve data challenges

One big takeaway from this Pain Points Session was that the industry pros want to talk more about the data hurdles they face and how to solve them. It was also clear that they recognize and trust that RESO is listening and actively working to help solve the issues they’ve shared, both in the past and today. Open forums like these are a great opportunity to share past successes, opportunities for improvement, and reasons for optimism. There was plenty of all of them to go around!

Two young professionals are laughing and smiling in the office after seeing positive changes and results on their laptop.

Do you have your own MLS data challenges?

Data pros, including us, like to bounce ideas around. Whether you’re an existing Constellation1 Data Services customer or not, if you’re an MLS, proptech company, or big brokerage, we want to hear about the data challenges you face.

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