Getting Out of the Back Office Rut: Tips for 2021 and Beyond

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Is Your Brokerage Leveraging Recommended Properties Effectively?

Homebuying can be stressful, especially right now. Historically low inventory (a situation that, according to NPR, has been decades in the making)...
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Make Mobile Work: Tips for Leveraging Apps at Your Brokerage

Mobile technology is bringing the world even closer together. Today, nearly everyone is carrying around supercomputers in their pockets, and...
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Top tips for setting SMART real estate business goals

It’s never a bad time to set new, SMART business objectives to take your brokerage further.
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What is social publishing? Takeaways for real estate pros.

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be another tedious task you have to worry about. Learn how social publishing makes marketing a breeze and...
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Real estate leads: more leads, more listings

Don’t put all of your lead eggs in one basket. Learn how to leverage a two-track lead strategy to get leads in your sleep using tools you might...
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