Brokers need to prepare for upcoming changes to real estate agent commissions. Here’s how.

It seems like every day, there’s a new headline about real estate commissions. Several high-profile rulings and cases are putting how agents and...
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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Boost Your Lead Gen Strategy: The Ultimate Guide for Real Estate Brokers

We are living in an increasingly mobile, digital, and high-tech world. Homebuyers tend to be extremely computer savvy: nearly all of them begin their...
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Brokers: learn why professional Instagram accounts provide the biggest benefits for agents

Social media is an incredible tool for building a brand, generating awareness about your business, and attracting and converting leads. In an...
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Real Estate One: Embodying a New Approach to Brokerage Technology

More than a decade ago, Real Estate One had the opportunity to upgrade its tech and onboard a single brokerage-wide management platform with a...
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Brokers: Pull these 3 levers today to boost brokerage profits tomorrow

It’s no secret that running a brokerage is hard work. If it were easy, everyone would do it! This is especially true for broker/owners, who are...
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ChatGPT for real estate: stop worrying and learn how it can help you work smarter

There is a lot of excitement about the promise of AI-powered tools like ChatGPT, and a lot of confusion about some of their (false) promises. There’s...
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The best lead strategy for growth in any market condition

As Bob Dylan so aptly put it, the times they are a-changin’, and they’re more uncertain than ever. Industry projections remain volatile this year as...
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The latest US migration trends and how brokers can use them to their advantage

Buyers and sellers have a lot to think about before deciding to contact an agent. So many factors go into buying or selling a home. Sometimes, buyers...
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Why tech debt is something your brokerage can't afford to pay

Tech debt is an often overlooked but business-critical concept that affects real estate brokerages around the country. In this post, we explain what...
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9 features the best real estate accounting software MUST have

So many online resources talk about the best real estate accounting software for agents and property managers, but what about for brokers?
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